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My First map!!

The Glorious Principality of Sealand!

I couldn't make it available on as it refused to let me because of some words it didn't like that I couldn't find or fix. No doubt blizzard will fix this stupid 'adult' filter for the final game!

A very very close quarters map designed for messing about and learning with friends as we practice. When you die the game resets water rises and drowns all units and buildings making them explode, then resets and you start the game a fresh without having to reload, allows for quick sparing and learning.

Has a paddling mode:

Which looks cool as you have a lil bit of water and everything reflects in it and shimmers.

It also can transition from day to night, at night you can't see past the bushes in the middle, in the day you can see everything.

Game Resetting via a watery grave, the whole map sinks under the water as if on a pneumatic rig of some kind to cleanse a new again.

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