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This is a Logo I recently designed for my new company... which will just be me.. for now


And of course by company I mean I thought up a name and made a logo nothing official yet

I have been tossing around various concepts for games for ages now, along with learning real programming languages for the first time unless you count Flash AS3 which is close really.

I didn't mean to design a logo before I even have a game or even a wireframe of a game, but one thing lead to another and out it popped one day.

I guess I have just been so utterly bored of writing code (AS3 with this Topps Tiles job) and studying the manuals of Unity 3D and C Sharp without having produced anything tangible or visual in forever.

I am swinging between incredibly apprehensive and eager to start making games by myself. I just know It's going to turn out to be way more difficult and wrought with disaster that I expect, and I already expect it to be the toughest thing I have ever done. I think I have a relatively unique edge over most people though, it been a long time coming; things have guided me down this path for my whole life I feel, it is my destiny!

I would really love to work with a small team of people instead of it just being me, but to start off it really has to be just me. If it works out, if at some point I prove I have got the taste, the broad skills to pull it off even on a small scale.. then I can start thinking about investing in people to work with.

Right now It's early days, a delicate and fragile thought that could poof out of existence unless carefully nurtured and then fiercely executed.

I have learned a tremendous amount of skills especially over past few years that go nicely towards this, sadly not much in the way of physical evidence to show for it, but It's in my head all right.

If I can just nail execution, and work hard, I can do it

And if I can just stop thinking about how incredibly over saturated the market is and how I could just as easily make $100,000 as I could drift off in the wind and make nothing...


And that's even if I can pull my shit together and execute 50 hour work weeks for 6 months and not implode, creating your own deadlines and sticking to them is tricky stuff. Creating your own inertia with no guarantee of payoff.

Ok heres the various historical progress / messing about:

Link: --- Y2011-Mo11-RoundTree

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