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Great Portfolio of work by Peter Jaworowski:

Link: www.behance.net --- 55599

Link: www.hejz.com

Link: 2photo.ru --- novye_raboty_grafichsekogo_dizajjnera_peter_jaworowski

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Benjamin Delacour

Link: designyoutrust.com --- benjamin-delacours-ripped-apart

Tara Donovan - From Paper Cups To Genius

Link: www.acegallery.net --- artwork

Link: www.thecoolhunter.net --- Tara-Donovan---From-Paper-Cups-To-Genius

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Link: little-people.blogspot.com

Shadow Art

Link: www.designswan.com --- 16-amazing-shadow-art

Kumi Yamashita

Link: kumiyamashita.com

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A link to my own work and research into the creation of math art here:

Link: helios.mine.nu --- Math Art

A link to Tools and info on math are can be found here:

Link: helios.mine.nu --- Reality 2.0

Link: www.bathsheba.com

Link: www.evolution-of-genius.de

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Awesome idea

Link: www.cgsphere.com

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Tags: - C4D - Vray - 2D
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All this painting with light, I think it would also be interesting to paint with shadow. 3D provides interesting ability to cast shadows and hide the object that' casting them for some weird effect:

Other play with translucent materials, gels, back lit stuff etc, could be very interesting.

Like this Maxwell rendering... at least I think It's a maxwell rendering If I remember correctly:

And this actual photograph:

Problem is rendering SSS SubSurfaceScattering, Blurry Translucency/Volume Fog etc etc, is pretty slow to work with still.

I'd also like to play with rendering interesting caustic patterns, but the rendering for that is painfully slow, though I hear the next Vray update has a new rendering type that makes mince meat of it. *rubs hands*

And this is one of the most beautiful images I have, a photograph of Ice, i'd love to be able to render things like this in 3D... *dreams*

Link: resurgere.deviantart.com --- gallery

They have some amazing stuff collected there, really, go check it out.

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Very interesting video created with 'processing'

Link: vimeo.com

Link: www.flight404.com --- blog

It feels like the recently added iTunes visualizer was inspired by this:

Link: www.apple.com --- itunes

Actually come to think of it, It's taken from Magnetosphere which was probably inspired by something else


Link: www.barbariangroup.com --- magnetosphere

I guess giant mysterious balls with energy flowing round them is the in thing these days


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Link: 2photo.ru --- krasivyjj_fjeshn_ot_fotografa_richard_warren

Link: www.richardwarrenphotos.com

And no, you cannot die from being totally covered in silver/gold paint... so quick everybody get naked and silver up now, It's safe!

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Someone else (Tony Ariawan) who has discovered the joys of painting with light.

Link: helios.mine.nu --- Painting with Light

Link: www.digitalartsonline.co.uk

Link: www.area105.com

Link: blog.signalnoise.com

Unknown Source

Unknown Source

Unknown Source

Link: www.sounasdesign.com

Link: www.aeiko.net

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Link: www.belowtheclouds.com --- lyxfastighet-pa-40-bond-street

Link: www.contemporist.com --- samujana-villas-by-gfab-architects

Link: gfabarchitects.com --- home

Link: ffffound.com --- 9bbf6001e122149b89c6a2217728316471598c4d

Amazing building, yes It's real

Link: archinect.com --- article

Link: www.thecoolhunter.co.uk --- Dupli-Casa-Remembers-its-Past

Link: www.jmayerh.com

Link: www.archdaily.com --- oma-presents-design-for-coolsingel-mixed-use-building-in-rotterdam-and-announces-construction-at-the-hague

Link: www.oma.eu

Forgive duplication but in creating this 'Inspiration' article? document? section... some duplication will be needed from time to time:

Santiago Calatrava:

I've visited some of his buildings in Valencia and It's amazing stuff (some of the above photos of my visit, I took like millions of photos!). Like your on a some giant futuristic film set. But It's simple, elegant and somehow stands up against gravity.

Stuff I would even struggle to draw and grasp the shape of in my head, are built out of large very real tonnages of concrete, It's what Architecture should be in my opinion.

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Someone with way too much time on their hands:

Link: www.petercallesen.com --- A4PAPERCUT_000.htm

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Ok I'm starting this new 'Inspiration' section. Where I shall dump stuff I find visually interesting. A lot of the images will be shamelessly ripped from other peoples blogs, but that's what the internet is all about!

I'm also back dating it by moving some of my older posts into this where applicable.

Link: www.joshkeyes.net

Link: blog.signalnoise.com

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Link: abduzeedo.com --- even-more-amazing-3d-chalk-art

Link: abduzeedo.com --- amazing-3d-chalk-art

Cool wall painting:

And in a similiar vein:

Link: www.mdolla.com --- camouflage-body-painting-17-photos

This looks like what I've been trying to create with particles, someone beat me to it with glass!

Link: www.colourlovers.com --- bending-light-color-with-alan-jaras

Link: www.flickr.com --- set-72057594061844447

Link: www.flickr.com --- 72157594422498771

What I'm trying to do with volume renderings draws many parallels with xray photography too in terms of the aesthetic look.
Xray photography has this interesting way of turning normal objects into vector like, stylistic representations, Objects look like they are made from light:

Link: www.nickveasey.com

Link: www.nickveasey.com

Link: www.designboom.com --- nike-burguer-air-max-90-by-olle-hemmendorff

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Link: www.sculpturebythesea.com :

It's great to see something actually creative done with 3D for change... wait.. what's that? oh It's not 3D, It's a photograph, oh right. I forgot no one does anything original in 3D anymore


get back to your 3D renderings of cars in parking lots people, nothing to see here.

Some other nice 'real' things:

Oushi Zokei

Oushi Zokei

Robert Hague

Mmm shiny car:

Car pornography above in the form of the Aston Martin DBS/9

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Tags: - C4D
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One of several weird math art type blob things I've created recently

Link: helios.mine.nu --- Math Art

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Tags: - C4D - Vray
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Does it make me a bad, perhaps egotistical person to link to my own website for inspiration... sure it does! *does it anyway*

Link: helios.mine.nu --- Y2007-Mo10-Lilly

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