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High Quality Downloads:

Download - BIG - 1080p - 20mbit

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Download - HUGE - 2K / 1440p - 35mbit

Download - HUGER - 2K / 1440p - 100mbit

Entire Concept, Modelling, Animation all by myself *pats self on back*

Created as a realtime 'Tech Demo' for Unity to show off Unity 5's new realtime bounced lighting ( Geomerics Enligthen )


My main website and Gallery: www.Shadowood.uk
My forum post at Unity: click here
My blog post on using Enligthen in Unity 5: click here
Unity's blog post on this work Gorgeous arch viz in Unity 5

More details about the production and methods will follow. You can subscribe above, thanks

I am a freelance designer / programmer / Unity Ninja from England

Below are some Still images and more details and a comments section for worship and adoration

This is using no SSR ( Screen Space Reflections which is coming later at some point, along with some other magic )

This is semi dynamic realtime GI using Geomerics Enlighten ( set very very high ) so the sun and lights can move and change time of day etc, a floor could change to red and the bounced light would update immediately, that fact is not shown here very well because.. life happens and realtime reflection probes were broken when I made this

Some of the tools I built / hacked up while on this consist of:

Rudimentry Cubic Pano Capture - so you can take a panoramic 360 screenshot and view it in HTML looking around in all directions

Custom ScreenCapture - code using render to textures for arbitrary resolution support, used to capture and compress to JPG ( which sis faster than PNG ) at 4-5k resolutions, then a script watches for the results to resample to 2k thus removing most aliasing affects ( Unity are working on better anti aliasing and TXAA etc )

Animation Capture - steps thru selected animation clips frame by frame and outputs to special folders, end result is each animation clip produces a folder full of images, another script compiles thosei mages into a movie using ffmpeg, then another script can assemble those movies into a final single movie with audio

Python Exporter for C4D to FBX - spits out multiple FBX files from several objects to reduce a heavy single scene into more sane chunks, also turns instances and arrays/cloners into references so Unity reconstructs the instance, so instead of 100 cubes, it exports 1 cube and 99 references ( empty objects ) and Unity reconstructs those empty objects to be a clone ( this is better for GPU performance, memory and size of the FBX goes from 100's of mb to a couple of mb )

Custom Exposure Shader - simple but needed for fade in and fade out, as it is not to black but an exposure change to make it 'photo' like Custom Tone Mapping - using a mess of curve adjustments and wizardry based on S curves from film and some of the nicer qualities of film to make it look.. nice, used Color Amplify for the LUT

Automation of Materials, Probes and other attributes so I can scrap the whole scene, reimport from FBX and it reconstructs everything the way I like it, with material set based on name of object, static or none static based on name or material, and so on, all so I could work iteratively moving back and forth between C4D and Unity, staying flexible to changing things all the time

Below are Cubic Panoramas ( of older scene ) so you can click and drag around, they upset mobile devices though at the moment